Lord of the Rings Online Launch Day Review

I beta tested Lord of the Rings Online and, well, let’s just say, “They got me”. At this point in my MMO/MMORPG gaming life, I have gotten used to being somewhat of a Professional Beta Tester. I am used to being in Betas, testing, evaluating and then reporting on the games and then rarely going that extra step and buying an account once it goes live.

I thought LOTRO was going to follow that pattern, especially since I am still involved with other MMORPGs… but, I was wrong. The game, with all its limitations, is quite simply, “fun”. It has the ease of WoW yet the lore of Tolkien. Some of it does feel a bit like a “MMORPG on rails”, like a ride at Disneyland, if you will, but it’s an enjoyable ride. And, if you’re a fan of the Lord of the Rings books, then you will find like minded folks here.

And indeed, with Launch Day, I was not alone. I had happened to pick the “Unofficial Roleplay Server” of the US server list, Landroval. What greeted me today was a queue line. It was accurate though, I was at that screen for about 2 minutes.

Once in, I saw fellow “Founders” who were already in their low teens, but also brand new players. I myself had pre-ordered and had been emailed my Pre-Order key by Fry’s Outlet, so I was already registered. However, it was a happy surprise to also find my Standard Box already on my doorstep this morning. I gathered by in-game OOC talk that that was not the case for everyone. Folks were saying that they had not received their box yet and were playing on the left over Beta account time.

It seemed like most were happy though. Myself, I found the live game to be just as smooth as Beta had been, no lag for me (there were some complaints of this in OOC). At peak playing time, 5 pm-ish till 7pm, it did get rather busy, but by 9pm things had quieted down again. I found it a nice pace, enough people to get pick up duos but not too many folks to have to wait for key mobs. This was probably helped by the fact that spawn times in LOTRO seem very quick. Perhaps this also helped with politeness amongst gamers, more than once I saw fellow folks around a camp invite others into their groups rather than try to jump the mob first. I myself had a bit of a, “You first, no you first” sort of routine for a harder mob.

All in all, Launch Day seemed quite a success, and I forsee good things for the game. I’m not sure personally how long it will keep my interest, but the Founder’s deal at $9.99 a month, and the box at less than $50, I think it will be a fun ride to mix up with my other games.

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