Video Game Addiction Still Making Headlines

WoW Game AddictionABC News in Philadelphia ran a story on game addiction, mainly focusing on World of Warcraft and EverQuest. While the general tone of the piece looks at MMORPGs as an unhealthy activity, especially the part with the mother who lost her son, the psychologist in the piece does point out something that stories like this usually miss:

Dudley says children or adults who become obsessed with video games often have a history of struggling with depression or anxiety. The game, she says, is simply a catalyst, similar to drugs, alcohol or gambling.

It’s literally been years since I was first moved to make designs in response some lawsuits against games. While there has been headway (as evidenced by the above quote), it seems they are still relevant.

EQ Warning
Gamers Against Scapegoating
No ScapeGoating – Works for defending any popular media

ABC News Link. Via Kotaku.

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