WoW’s 4th Anniversary Gift – Baby Blizzard Bear!

World of Warcraft celebrates its 4th anniversary today by giving out Baby Blizzard Bears (aka little polar bears) to anyone logging in. You get a letter which includes the summon pet ability as an attachment and then you can access your pet from your Character pane.

I got mine for some of my avatars, here’s a shot of him sitting down. Cute isn’t he?

Baby Blizzard Bear Sitting Down

I haven’t yet activated him for any of my Horde characters yet, perhaps if I could make him look a little more menacing somehow?

Yeah, you’re right, he’s just a cute ball of fur! Hmm fur…

Happy 4th Anniversary Blizzard, seems like yesterday we were running around in Friends and Family Alpha!

EDIT: PS the Achievement is called “Can I Keep Him?”.

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