Twitter Shorty Awards – OffLine Makes an Appearance!

Ok, it wasn’t really “OffLine” it was @MarthaVan who wore an OffLineTShirts “iTweettank top!

@MarthaVan Wearing an iTweet tank at the Shorty Awards
Martha is the creator/owner of Action Wipes and won a Shorty in the Brand category.

And what is a “Shorty?” It’s an award for the “best producers of short content”. Though started independently, The Shorty’s eventually got a nod from Twitter’s creators. Votes were cast via Twitter and last night’s ceremony was the culmination of events. I watched part of the awards via their Live Stream and noted that acceptance speeches were limited to 140 characters. Seemed right for the occasion.

So Twitter has its own Awards show now, what next? It just keeps rolling on it seems.

More Shorty Awards info via More about the Shorty Awards in general.

PS Yep, OffLine has a Twitter account (like this blog, it was semi-hidden for a long time) you can follow the official OffLineTshirts Twitter account here:

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