Confessions of a Star Wars Galaxies CSR

GMS, CSRs, if you’ve ever played an MMO you probably have stories to tell about your interactions with them. But what about stories they tell on the other side? An ex Sony Online Entertainment In-game Customer Service Representative / Game Master named Jason shared 8 “behind the curtain” tales on his blog.

The post begins with a shocking tale about a CSR from EverQuest stabbing himself with keys out of frustration, I don’t know if that story is true or not, and the author of the post admits to not being there to see it but I find it rather sad and shocking in the way that I bet a lot of folks could empathize with someone doing this. Which, by the way is also an element of a good “urban myth”. I plan on asking about the validity of this event but I don’t expect to get any “on the record” answers.

This particular event happened in the Everquest area, before my time. Dealing with irate customers is no picnic, and can send a lot of people over the edge. Long story short, a GM who will go unnamed was at his wits end, and one day he snapped. Going bat shit insane, he grabbed his car keys and started jabbing himself with them in a complete nerd rage. This guy was let go but his story will live on forever. Up until this day, you will see keys taped to a select few monitors in the building. Bad joke, but funny in a dark way.

However, most of the eight confessions are about amusing stories from the Star Wars Galaxies universe, for example, this story about a new CSR using the teleport command:

Eventually SWG launched it’s space expansion. It was a bitch to assist customers in space because, well – they would fly away. I always just told them “Hey send me a msg when you’re done in space and I’ll try to help you then.” In one case another rep from India decided he would speed up the process by teleporting the player back to a planet. I guess he wasn’t thinking that if he did this, there would be an unpiloted ship flying around, but something much much worse happened. When he targetted the player, he actually targeted the entire Yavin 4 space station (mass wise one of the biggest items in the database). He then executed the teleport command and *poof* the entire space station was planted in the middle of Naboo. Players shat themselves. Knowing that there wasn’t much we could do, we ended up taking some screen shots, then photoshopped McDonalds and Starbucks signs on the front.

There are also a few stories about PvP play, including the spawning of an AT AT which I would’ve loved to see. Maybe they could’ve sic’d Yoda on it? ;)

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You can read the full confessions post here.

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  1. Fricka Says:

    I’ve been given “off the record” confirmation that a person did stab themselves with keys however the story as posted was not exactly how it went down. The person was definitely let go though.

    Rest of the stories either confirmed and/or listed as plausible.

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