EverQuest II to get Battlegrounds

EQ2 Battlegrounds - Ganak
EQII will have Battlegrounds starting February 16, 2010 – so you can fight even if you’re not on a PvP server — you pansy! ;)

Quick Details

It’s free for current subscribers with characters level 80-90, Battlegrounds will hold up to 48 players total, loot to be gained are the all new Chaos armor sets and if you log in between 2/16 and 2/18 you’ll get a Warrior of Chaos statue.

Battleground Breakdown

At launch 3 Battlegrounds will be available:

Battlefield of Ganak

* Game Type: Capture the Flag
* Players: 6 Person Group
* Environment: Outdoor arena with two large oppositional bases with intersecting interiors
* Objective: Capture the enemy’s flag located within their base and return it to your base with your flag still in place
* Win Condition: First team to successfully capture and return three flags wins

Smuggler’s Den

* Game Type: Hold Territory
* Players: 24 Person Group
* Environment: Five spires on top of two pinnacles jutting out of a raging ocean
* Objective: Gain control and hold towers longer than the opposition to earn Tower Tickets
* Win Condition: First team to reach the displayed Tower Ticket goal wins

Gears of Klak’Anon

* Game Type: Hold the Relic
* Players: 6 Person Group
* Environment: Industrious clockwork foundry containing scientific equipment in motion
* Objective: Acquire and hold the relic to accrue points faster than the opposition
* Win Condition: First team to reach the set score wins

Let the pixel slaughter begin!

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