EverQuest II Extended – SOE Announces Free to Play Option for EverQuest II

EverQuest II ExtendedHere’s another MMORPG with a no subscription model. EverQuest II is going to keep their subscription model and add on EverQuest II Extended.

Beta for EQII Extended is scheduled for launch on or around August 17, 2010.

Some of the differences with the free plan and the top level subscription plan include a level cap (limited to 80 for the free, Bronze level, option), customer support options (free plan only has access to the Knowledge Base for support), race and class restrictions (free option is limited to 4 and 8 respectively), and chat options.

You can see a chart with the full matrix of of differences here.

Quotes from their press release:

Extended players will finally experience the vast depth of content only available in EverQuest II without a subscription, credit card or software purchase. Extended will include free access to all EverQuest II game zones through The Shadow OdysseyTM. Players will be able to purchase power-up potions, armor, classes, races, weapons, mounts and more through the marketplace.

Both EverQuest II and Extended players will enjoy a plethora of recent user-interface improvements designed to improve functionality and game navigation. Players will experience a new and improved character progression through the Golden Path while creating their own legend with the Storyteller adventure journal that visually displays quest exploration. Additionally, both titles received a graphics quality update that gives a more realistic immersive experience to fully enjoy the beauty of Norrrath.

The Extended adventure includes the recently added New Halas, the ultimate starting zone with premium designed content for players levels 1-20. Extended also gives players quick and convenient game access through the web-based streaming download application that lets players get into the game quicker than ever before. Extended will also feature multiple tiers of service upgrade options that allow players to customize their gaming experience to fit their needs.

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