DC Universe Online – Beta Pre-Review

DC Universe Online Screenshot - Hanging in Gotham City
I’m in. So far I’ve made my character and have climbed some walls and kicked some butt but I haven’t done much yet in terms of quests and leveling (been sick and away from the keyboard).

However here’s a few comments:

Flirty? There weren’t many choices of attitude for your character, I chose Flirty but wish that I could change it up during the game. You know, a woman’s prerogative, I get to change my mind? ;)

Climbing! Heck yeah, I’m going to climb! I like playing a rogue type character (and I rock climb in real life) so of course I chose this super power. Now I’m sort of like a Spider Woman rogue (Hmm do I get negative points for naming a hero from that Other Comic Universe?).

Kicking butt. In the tutorial part of the game I didn’t find it necessary to throw objects at any bad guys. This may be because I’m quick on the trigger button (mouse buttons trigger attacks) but since one of the big draws of this game is being able to throw things I’m going to assume I need to practice my throwing skills.

UI. Rather odd UI. I’m still getting used to it. It’s definitely not like the usual MMOs. I’d say it’s less intuitive but maybe that’s because I’ve had too many years of training with other games?

By the way, I’m playing on the PvP server if anyone else is in the Beta. Look for a flirty raven haired rogue like character hanging on a wall.

~ Fricka

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