San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Comic-Con is a silly place.

I’ve noticed a few reports saying how it’s “ruined” etc. I only attended one day this year but still had a lot of fun. Was it the same from when I first started attending? No, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it.

Also, as I was asking a guy if I could take his picture, he then recognized me… it was one of my fencing teammates from college! He was in a Battlestar Galactica outfit so I had been focused on his suit rather than his face, haha.

ComicCon to me is still about meeting other geeks, whether those geeks happen to be creators of geeky content, or just attendees. As the show has grown over the years it’s certainly experienced growing pains, but a geek can still find one’s own small community within the larger one.

Here are my photos from Sunday. They include a range from Cos-play participants to Felicia Day, to an independent artist who was making his first appearance at ComicCon, to Yo Gabba Gabba.

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