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Book Review: Happiest Days of Our Lives

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

One of the first things to strike you about this book is its physical attributes. And yes, I do include the cover in this proclamation. The cover design shows a photograph with the strange and familiar tinting of photographs taken in the 70s bordered by the title of the book and author’s byline written as if on yellowed paper by a Bic ballpoint pen. When you hold the book itself you may notice its relative thinness and lightness.

What’s inside though is heavy. In a good way.

Wil shares a little over a dozen stories from his life with the reader. If you are a reader of his blog or his other online writing venues you may recognize the cores of one or two of them; however, they have been expanded upon. With Wil, we bounce from the past of the 1970′s to the present, sometimes in the same story. Each tale is artfully yet succinctly told in a style that is very personal. Of note to geek readers are the tales of his introduction to D&D, his fascination with Star Wars figures and stories of reflecting on his Star Trek experiences because of present events in his life such as a documentary and meeting with Ron Moore and Jonathan Frakes again. But all the tales are great reads, geek slant or not. They offer a look into Wil’s life but also make you reflect on your own.

And now we are back to the weight of the book again, in the sense that a light book is generally a short one. And indeed this book is 136 pages in length, compared to a Lord of the Rings tome, that is light. However, in an age of pixel reading, its length makes for a delightfully quick read in whatever spare moments you may spend away from the various monitors in your life and you’ll find yourself spending several minutes after each story dwelling on it. In that sense the book is heavier than it may seem.

Monolith Press publisher of “Happiest Days of Our Lives”
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