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Pop Quiz: Gamer Hero or Hermit?

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Adam Mapleson listens to black metal and plays Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike, GTA and other video games.
Gamer does good

Will he?
A. Become a highschool shooter
B. Become a hermit and shun all interaction with fellow human beings
C. Respond to a woman in distress during an armed robbery

The answer, contrary to what any J. Thompson’s might think, is “C.” Adam rushed to help a female security guard who was being held up outside a UK rail station while loading an ATM machine. Adam was shot and is now in stable condition and is being called a hero.

Of course this incident may also be taken by some as a warning that playing video games might make you more prone to rush masked, armed men; but from my point of view when you see someone in need the response to help, rather than ignore the situation, is alright by me.

Link from the Sun. Picture from Adam’s MySpace. Article tip thanks to GamePolitics.

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Inside the Mind of a Pro Gamer: Kornelia at the GDC 2005

Monday, July 4th, 2005

Pro Gamer Kornelia wearing Geek Team Style Jersey

A great look at the experience of being a professional gamer from the viewpoint of FPS gamer, Kornelia: gdc2005.

I had the good fortune to meet Kornelia first via email and then in person. She initially emailed me asking if I would like her to wear some of my OffLine T-shirts apparel at QuakeCon 2004 since she had a rare opportunity to wear what she wanted rather than an official sponsor’s logo emblazoned shirt. Though the timing was tight, I was happy to oblige and she sent me the great picture above and linked to OffLine from her website.

Then, just this past E3, I got to meet her as she took a tiny break from facing challengers at E3. She was very nice and thanked me profusely for the shirts. I didn’t keep her long though as I didn’t want to break her concentration. After reading her GDC story I’m amazed she was as loose and easy going as she was when we spoke.

The overall experience, coupled with reading the GDC story has brought me to a few conclusions. One, Kornelia is a nice and genuine person, and two, competitive gaming has a lot in common with competitive athletics. As a former competitive athlete myself I could relate to what she went through — the point where all the practice doesn’t seem to matter, how one kill will calm you down, and how all else can fade away and all that matters is you and your opponent.

What else can I say? Kornelia you do us gamers proud.

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