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My shirts in Antarctica! OffLine is on all 7 Continents

Friday, February 1st, 2008

I’ve been tracking my shirts over the past few years. I’ve shipped them off to other states, other countries and other continents. But one continent seemed to always elude me. Until now…

Antarctica Shirts

My shirts have successfully made it to Antarctica! OffLine may not be as well known as some of the bigger apparel shops out there (though I should be, get the word out please!) but at least I’m on all 7 continents now!

I’ll admit it though, I cheated, I made sure the shirts got to Antarctica by contacting two brothers who are there. On the other hand, I have sold my Antarctica designs so maybe one of those folks brought their things out to Antarctica without me knowing ;) so I’m still counting this… so there!

Thanks go to Eli and Nate! If you’d like to follow them they are on Twitter as “elisfanclub” and “n8duke”.

If you’d like to hear my audio about this listen to the Utterz:

PS if anyone knows an astronaut going into space soon, I’d like to send them a free shirt :)
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Captain Kidd’s Pirate Ship Found – But Where is the Treasure?

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Captain Kid Shipwreck found

The wreckage of a pirate ship abandoned by Captain Kidd in the 17th century has been found by divers in shallow waters off the Dominican Republic, a research team claims.

Article from LiveScience.

The article says the wreck hasn’t been looted. So, I don’t know about you Matey, but I want to know where the Treasure be! ;)