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SOE FanFaire 2011 Photos – Las Vegas

Friday, July 15th, 2011

The Sony Online Entertainment FanFaire, was held at Bally’s in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 7-9th.

Going on close to 10 years, you’d think most every one attending must surely be on at least their 2nd time attending yet I met a bunch of folks who had never gone before, as well as recognized faces from past FanFaires (who also ended up being repeat customers!).

I didn’t take that many pics this time as I was just too busy for anything else!

If you attended, I hope you had a blast and if you’re featured in one of the pics, feel free to email me for a higher res copy!

Full set of SOE FanFaire photos.

SOE FanFaire Costume Contest – People’s Choice and a Surprise

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

“Snickers” who is well known to regular SOE FanFaire goers for his hand made Froglok costume, got a special call out at the end of the People’s Choice portion of the costume contest.

Emceeing the show is Jace Hall (Producer of “V” and a gamer and game producer) and Brassee (the bearded dwarf alter ego of Linda Carlsson, SOE Senior Community Manager).

I captured it on this video which shows the end of the People’s Choice portion of the contest as well:

I have the entire introduction of the costume contest (where they first get introduced and go on the stage) on video too. I’ll post it in parts.

SOE FanFaire 2009 – Costume Contest Video in HD

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

I was once again at FanFaire wearing dual hats as a community website person and a vendor (of fabulous t-shirts & cool stuff from OffLineTshirts!) I was pretty busy the whole FanFaire but I was able to film the entire costume contest for your viewing pleasure. It’s 30 minutes total of video but don’t worry I split it into 4 parts plus 2 short segments for the finalists portion. Brenlo (Alan Crosby, former SOE Community Director and now EverQuest II Senior Producer) was in rare form for the show and cracked jokes while in a banana costume.

E3 2009 What I Liked

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Firstly it’s the motion stuff that got my panties in a wad.

I’m most interested in Microsoft’s Project Natal for XBox. However, I’ll be really excited when we can see how close it gets to the well edited and created trailer. Even so, it’s one step closer to the holodeck! Microsoft isn’t telling anyone a release date though.

Secondly I liked Sony’s answer to motion control, particularly because of its precision controls, and since this is an actual demo I was quite excited to see the sword play. One step closer to a real virtual fencing game! OK I may not be in the majority for that wish but hey, I’m allowed to wish! Looks like Sony’s aiming for a launch in Spring 2010.

After the battle of the motion controllers, “The Beatles: Rock Band” got me so excited that I pre-ordered the game. I’m a Rockband fan more than a Beatles fan but I just love the idea of being able to play Beatles songs and I’m even looking forward to going through their career as a band.

For other goodies, I’m sort of interested in “Assassin’s Creed 2″ but after getting excited about the first one at E3s in the past & then seeing how it went from there, I feel a little burned by that title. We’ll see. Mario? I’ll wait on those. As far as the other titles, well I’d like to get a PS3 and an XBox but I don’t have them yet so I’ll have to wait to play friend’s games :P