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Fricka's E3 2003 Report Series

E3: The Game
by Fricka

E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo, Los Angeles, CA

Coming home from my 3rd E3 in as many years, I've come to the conclusion that this mecca of gaming gurus is really mimicing the object of its deification: E3 is a game. The object of the E3 game is to survive intact and come out with the most points. Points are distributed in the following ways:

Getting In the Game
From their official website: "E3 is a trade event and is not open to the general public. No one under 18 will be admitted, including infants."
- Getting into E3 = 1 point

Hidden throughout the Los Angeles convention center are various swag locations, different pieces of swag give different points. Scoring is as follows:
- Paper based swag (stickers, magazines) = 1 point
- Swag not freely given = 2 points
- T-shirts = 10 points
- One page flyers = -1 point

Beta Accounts
This point system should only be applied if you are playing the Multiplayer version of E3.
- Each beta account gained = 10 points.
- Points awarded here should be reviewed at a later date when beta access (rather than promises of access) is confirmed.

- Free food = 5 points
- Buying convention center food = -10 points

Non Gaming Celebrity Sightings
It can't be E3 without the celebrities.
- Each Non Gaming Industry celebrity sighting = 1 point
- Picture of the Celebrity = 5 points
- Harassing said Celebrity = -10 points (I think it's probably 10 years if you stalk them)

Exclusive Game Demos
- Getting into limited access displays = 10 points each time (forced entry does not count)
- Any attention received by E3 security during this phase = -100 points
- Successful sneaked entry = 10 points

Booth Babes (also known as Objects for Admiring)
Depending on what version of E3 you are playing you can gain either negative or positive points for this interaction.
- Pictures with Booth Babes = 1 point for the E3 Carnal Delights version or -1 if you are playing E3 Safe for the Home.
- Phone numbers from said Objects = 20 points one way or the other.

It has come to my attention that there is always a huge party to go to during E3.
- Getting into the official E3 party = 5 points
- Getting a VIP pass to official party = 10 points
- Getting a Pass to any "Real VIP" party (if held and different from the official party) = 50 points

Ok tally up your score.

<-10 You need help. E3 is not the stalkers ball
(-10) - (-1)
Just avoid Kentia Hall if you can't resist the 1 page flyers
Ok you got in, now you need to take advantage of the game! Go read some spoiler sites
10-30 Good showing your first time out
30-50 Not too bad, grab a bit more swag next time and you'll be right up there
50-80 Very respectable. You know not to get ripped off by the convention center food scam.
80-100 You're a real veteran at this game. How much play time do you put in? Can you throw one of those party tickets my way?
>200 WTF are you reading this for? You probably secretly run E3 by now and are invited to speak on all the panels...Can I have a job?


My serious reports are on their way so watch for the link. :)

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