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Shwag for First Person Shooter players
Go! Go! Go! - BF2, Counter-Strike, Battlefield 1942, Doom, Quake... These are all fine examples of why first person shooters deserve our own t-shirt design section.
Lewt for mmorpg players
EverQuest, World of Warcraft, EQ2, Dark Age of Camelot, Vanguard, Asheron's Call, The Sims Online, Star Wars Galaxies... MMORPG/MMOG titles are almost as numerous as we who play them. Come out of the closet with stuff from this section - or pick up one of the multi meaning ones and just give knowing winks to kindred spirit players.
Old school, console, and arcade game designs
Retro / Console
Console games from Atari to the Wii, arcade games, really old PC games. 8 bit graphics. The good stuff. New tech is great but the old stuff will always hold a place in our gaming hearts. This section is growing with Wii, PS2 and 3, Xbox360, & Cube stuff. Got suggestions? Send them over!
Property of the Gaming Department designs for all gamers
Gaming Department
Member of the athletic department? Maybe. How about the Gaming Dept.? You bet! Take this instead of PE. Major gaming classes and races represented with more being added as new games come out. MMORPG & RPG players must check out this section.

RPG, LARP and RennFaire fans need to click here

If you want to talk old school gaming, how about when massively multiplayer meant 8 people around a kitchen table? And then there's the other side of the coin: 100s of folks in a live battle or in a darkened wood. Great stuff for Rennaissance Faire and SCA folks too.

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k3wl d00d: License Plate Frame

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k3wl d00d: License Plate Frame

Limited Edition Item

Product Number: 030-3550247
Product Information
  • Our high quality chrome license plate frames are constructed of durable chrome finished metal so your tag holder will last for the long haul
  • Designs are professionally printed on durable 4mil vinyl with premium inks. All materials are water resistant
  • Express yourself with the design that fits your sense of humor or promotes your cause & beliefs
  • Fit is standard for most license plates. Approximate dimensions are 12"x6". Plate is secured in the frame via fasteners on top (not included) & a built-in groove in the frame bottom

Drag the square at the left to choose the part of your image you want to use. Tips: Click and drag any corner to resize; click and drag from the inside to move.

Crop Preview:

Click done if you're happy with the way it looks.

Check out the Lingo subsection for more gaming acronyms, leet speak and geek lingo

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.: OffLineTshirts is for: gaming | geek | pks | roleplayers | lans | guild | fps clan | t-shirts | hats | all of the above :.
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