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One word says it all.
uber Ringer T

Price: $17.99
Newbs are everywhere.
NEWB Ringer T

Price: $17.99
w00t! A gamer's exclamation.
woot! Ringer T

Price: $17.99
Creak. Crash. Bang. Boo! Spooky
Spooky Ringer T

Price: $17.99
Geek code.
Geek Ringer T

Price: $20.99
I am not a geek. Go ahead, confuse people when you explain what this means. So that's what it means. But really, I do not equal a geek. Really.
I != Geek - I am not a Geek Ringer T

Price: $19.99
Give 'em fair warning. Great to wear when you're out guerrilla podcasting.
I'm podcasting this Ringer T

Price: $19.99
I'm not antisocial, I'm just not user friendly.
Not antisocial Ringer T

Price: $19.99
Bard: Property of the Gaming Department
Bard: Gaming Dept Ringer T

Price: $19.99
Villain Property of the City of Gaming. Every city needs a villain or two. You've so nicely volunteered. For a small fee. What shall it be souls, money, wine, women? Only a villain knows.
City of Gaming Villain Ringer T

Price: $17.99
Hero Property of the City of Gaming. That's right you may or may not be a hero in real life but you play one online.
City of Gaming Hero Ringer T

Price: $17.99
All men needed on the battlefield! No problem you'll just hitch a ride. Requesting a pick up! You see a jeep except... Bob's driving it and he flies solo.
BF1942 Ringer T

Price: $18.99
Blademaster: Property of the Gaming Dept.
Blademaster Dept Ringer T

Price: $18.99
Thinking of Maud you forget everything else.  Which means no more map.
Hack: Thinking of Maud Ringer T

Price: $18.99
OWNAGE. So sweet.

Price: $18.99
Forget the milk! Have ye got ale?
got ale? Ringer T

Price: $18.99
Who needs sunshine, the outdoors, fluffy happy things? I like the dark.
I like the dark Ringer T

Price: $21.99
Go Team Geek!
Geek Team Ringer T

Price: $18.99
The most popular PC keyboard shortcut ever. Don't you wish life had one too?
Ctrl-z Ringer T

Price: $18.99
Outside? What's that? You're stuck indoors working all the time!
Indoor Enthusiast Ringer T

Price: $18.99
NO I will not fix your computer... for free!  Premium service comes at a price.
Computer Fix - Not For Free Ringer T

Price: $18.99
He's like smiley but with a drier sense of humor.
Smirky Face Ringer T

Price: $18.99
Have a Nice Day: Greeting does not imply guarantee. Nice is subject to interpretation.
Have a Nice Day Ringer T

Price: $18.99
Square, Triangle, X, O? No, Xi Delta Chi Omecron! If you're a Playstation or PSP gamer it's the only frat you need to join.
Gamer Fraternity Ringer T

Price: $19.99

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