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Tired of dealing with ignorance every day?
End Ignorance Ringer T

Price: $18.99
Browncoat Brew: Best Drink in the 'Verse. Established 2002 when that wonderful sci-fi series debuted. Ah, a toast to the Firefly!
Browncoat Brew Ringer T

Price: $19.99
Less crying more action! Less QQ more pewpew. It's a first person shooter... so shoot!
Less QQ more pewpew Ringer T

Price: $19.99
You will do my bidding. I will not take insolence from my minions!
Evil Overlord Ringer T

Price: $17.99
I'm a Mac and I'm a PC. Let folks know your choice, despite stereotype commercials.
I'm a PC Ringer T

Price: $17.99
Bonus ships are one of the most wonderful things in the world.
Bonus Ship Ringer T

Price: $16.99
Don't you remember your solar system chart? 9 planets. Including far off Pluto! Show him some love! Geeky debate? Is there a better kind?
Pluto Ringer T

Price: $17.99

Price: $18.99
Geeky girls rule!
Geek Girl Ringer T

Price: $18.99
What an angel! Complete with whimsical wings on the back!
Angel Wings Ringer T

Price: $21.99
The capital of Hungary is Budapest. Are you smarter than a 5th grader? How about a tv show contestant?
Hungary is a Country Ringer T

Price: $19.99
iPwn Ringer T

Price: $17.99
Master Chief Property of the Gaming Department. Not that you would want to call the Master Chief anybody's property to his face.
Master Chief Ringer T

Price: $19.99
Beware. I'm the one your parents warned you about.
evil doer Ringer T

Price: $17.99
w00t! A gamer's exclamation.
woot! Ringer T

Price: $17.99
#FFFFFF Hex value for white. Just because you live breathe and wear web and multimedia design.
Hexadecimal Ringer T

Price: $21.99
Easily Distracted. They can't say you didn't warn them.
Easily Distracted Ringer T

Price: $18.99
Gamer Girl. The best kind.
Gamer Girl Ringer T

Price: $18.99
Ship's Gunner.
Gunner Ringer T

Price: $17.99
Pirate crew Navigator.
Navigator Ringer T

Price: $17.99
Geek Dad code. Because even though most dad's are geeks, Geek Dad is the geekiest!
Geek Dad Ringer T

Price: $20.99
gamer. Grand Theft Auto inspired but good for any one who wants to represent. Gamers: we've got our own hood.
Gamer GTA Style Ringer T

Price: $19.99
Not Safe For Work.  It's not safe for me to go to work or to be at work. It's just not appropriate either way. So just give me the money and I'll go home.
NSFW Ringer T

Price: $17.99
Aye aye Captain! You run a tight ship but are generous with the rum, your crew loves you!
Pirate Captain Ringer T

Price: $17.99

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