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Do you love geeks? I do! Lighter weight tee.
I love Geeks Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
Hug me: I need Social. Your Sims aren't the only creatures who need hugs! Get your social up even when you're not online.
Hug Me Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
Alert! Rabid Fangirl spotted! Hide your games and computers! Whatever you do, don't ask her what her favorite game, comic, movie or tech toy is!
Alert Rabid Fangirl Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
Gamer Girl. Would you like to play with me? Lighter weight tee choice.
Gamer Girl Team Style Value T-Shirt

Price: $12.99
Lighterweight tee.
Alien Head Value T-Shirt

Price: $12.99
Such a wonderful number, with an elegant symbol to represent so much. You gotta love pi.
Pi Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
Browncoat Brew: Best Drink in the 'Verse. Established 2002 when that wonderful sci-fi series debuted. Ah, a toast to the Firefly!
Browncoat Brew Value T-shirt

Price: $14.99
The capital of Hungary is Budapest. Are you smarter than a 5th grader? How about a tv show contestant?
Hungary is a Country Value T-shirt

Price: $14.99
Because some Grandparents these days are quite tech saavy. Perfect gift for your Grandpa or... if you are the Grandpa get this to remind your Grandkids that you're no stranger to computers.
Geek Grandpa Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
Wizards unite! Property of the Gaming Department. This ones for wizards everywhere.
Wizard Gaming Dept Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
Easily Distracted. They can't say you didn't warn them.
Easily Distracted Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
Less crying more action! Less QQ more pewpew. It's a first person shooter... so shoot!
Less QQ more pewpew Value T-shirt

Price: $14.99
Sniper. One shot. One Kill. You're so bad, you're good gamer!
Sniper Value T-shirt

Price: $14.99
Look out boys! Girls play Counter Strike too!
Girls Play CS too Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
Gamer Girl. She's got game.
Gamer Girl v2 Value T-Shirt

Price: $12.99
So you're looking for something. You get the 404 Not Found message. So what happened to what you were looking for, where'd it go? Is it lost? Or is it in the Twilight Zone? Maybe it never existed at a
404 Value T-shirt

Price: $14.99
I has a bukket. I took it from the walrus. LOL.
I has a bukket Value T-shirt

Price: $14.99
Comic bubbles can be handy.
Colorful Language Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
Yes, I am a Geek Goddess, if you do not satisfy my every whim, I shall destroy your computer. Lighter weight tee.
Geek Goddess Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
So the question is, got ganked?
got ganked? Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
#FFFFFF Hex value for white. Just because you live breathe and wear web and multimedia design.
Hexadecimal Jr. Jersey T-Shirt

Price: $24.99
Hex value for pink. Just because you live breathe and wear web and multimedia design.
Pink Hex Code Jr. Ringer T-Shirt

Price: $22.99
My new friend? Thanks for the add! Show this as a fun way to liven up your comment space then wear it around and see how many people recognize it.

Vintage distressed look design.
Thanks for the add Value T-shirt

Price: $12.99
Hearts break and Valentine's Day sucks.
Broken Heart Value T-shirt

Price: $14.99

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